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Why your customers need white label ID protection

Malou Bäckström
May 4, 2021

Why your customers need white label ID protection

Identity theft is a worldwide problem. Close to 170 000 people were affected by identity theft only in Sweden during 2019. Not to mention, reports of identity theft skyrocketed in the US during 2020 with nearly 1.4 million cases – a number more than doubled than the previous year

Police recommend citizens to use some kind of ID protection where one can be alerted if any loans, purchases, or information is claimed in one’s name. Close to 9 out of 10 are worried about cyber fraud and identity theft. With this in mind, ID protection is an extremely important and demanded service. 

Monitum is very proud of our identity protection which we are both creators and retailers of. As we are concerned about this growing problem, we are happy to offer the service as a white label product, increasing even more people’s safety. 

What is ID protection? 

  • Monitoring identity, economy, and credit 
  • Alerting when personal information or credit is at risk 
  • Help from experts handling incorrect invoices
  • Legal assistance in case of fraud
  • 24/7 credit card and identity freeze service

Are you interested in offering ID protection to your customers? Contact us today!