Customer Success

A white label success story

Malou Bäckström
April 14, 2020

A white label success story 

We love it when our partners do well! One of our partners has a success story we proudly want to share. 

They are a membership organization with an annual membership fee of 250 Swedish kronor (≅25 euro). They wanted to offer their members a meaningful and important service and decided on Monitum’s ID protection. The ID protection immediately became hugely popular among both their current members as well as their newly joined. 

Most importantly, their members became very satisfied with the service! However, it was also a great deal for our partner, as every sale of the ID protection service generated a monthly revenue of 99 kr (≅10 euro)*. The revenue per user increased dramatically, from 250 kr a year to additionally 99 kr per month. 

Congratulations to both our partner and their members who are now keeping their identities safer! 

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*not including the white label expense.