Your handbook to building effortless growth!

Let our director Peter explain some of Monitum’s features, as well as the process from our opening meeting to your first sale.

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Do you already have a great software solution? Don't worry, Monitum can be integrated with API's

The five-step process to getting started with white label

Let’s talk!

We start with a digital meeting to explain Monitum, as well as making sure your business is the right fit for our partnership.

What does your business need?

Monitum is adjustable to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We together identity your business’s needs and custom-make a deal.

Tailoring to your brand

Making the CRM system essentially like your new growth department, we tailor it according to your logo, colors, and preferred shortcuts.

Training and sales guidance

We boost your sales from start to finish with product training and sales guidance.

You’re ready to go!

The journey towards increased ARR has officially started. Our customer success team and advisory continue to work by your side along the way.

This is Monitum

White label products
Our white label products keep your customers’ identities, homes, and businesses safe.
Customer success team
We take care of your sales orders, onboarding, and implementation.
CRM system
Open APIs and integration to your system of choice.
… and if that wouldn’t be enough
Increased CLV and ARR, and, you get full ownership of the customer base.
Business advisory
Wall-to-wall sales guidance and business advisory.

We’d love to get in touch with you.

Any questions about advisory, our products, or the white label products?