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Learn more about Monitum

What is Monitum?

Monitum is a modern Customer Relationship Management system with integrated services that can be offered to both consumers and companies. Monitum is built to make you able to grow quickly without losing control or customer satisfaction.

How does Monitum work?

If you are interested in using Monitum we begin our partnership by identifying the needs of your business. When your custom-made deal is set, we start with the product training and sales guidance for your chosen white label products. When your indiviualized training is complete, your sales team is ready to go with your new product line.

What are the prices for using Monitum?

The price depends on your business’ needs and wishes, and is therefore accommodated to your specific arrangement. Please contact us to get more information on pricing.

What does my business need to get started?

With the risk of sounding cheesy - ambition. Monitum can be adjusted to companies of all sizes and requisites, the most important aspect is your strive for growth. It is an advantage if your business has an existing sales organization, but not a requirement.

Do I need to introduce Monitum as a white label partner to my coworkers?

Only if you want to! Monitum is customizable with your business’ colors and logo, making it essentially like your own system.

What kind of white label products and services do Monitum offer?

There are three white label products offered in Monitum: Identity theft protection, mobile fire alarm, and a credit loss and fraud protection. Our products are designed to make your customers feel safe.

Does my business need a customer service team when using Monitum?

Monitum comes with a customer success team, which helps your customers with ordering, onboarding, and implementation. No extra customer service is needed for the mobile fire alarm, as the service comes with an emergency service center that takes charge if there is a fire. However, you do need customer service for the identity theft security. Monitum’s 24/7 blocking service blocks your customer’s payment in an occasion of fraud. If the customer needs further assistance, your customer service steps in. Please contact us to learn how Monitum educates and trains your customer service. 

Does my business need to have a pre-existing clientele?

It is an advantage to have a pre existing clientele, but not a requirement. Your strive for growth is what matters when partnering with Monitum.

Will my company own the customers generated from Monitum’s white label products?

Yes. All customers earned when partnering with Monitum belong to your company.

What kind of advisory is included when using Monitum?

The advisory consists of product training, sales script training, running guidance, and follow-up counseling. The advisory is accommodated to your needs and potential.

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